New Single Hi-Lo Out Now!


Rising Los Angeles pop-rock band Half The Animal have yet to release a debut full-length album, but they've already racked up millions of streams with the singles they've shared thus far. As fans' anticipation for the band's inaugural album heightens, Half The Animal are premiering another new track to tide listeners over.

"Hi Lo" is a ripe-for-radio pop-rock jam with a sporadic instrumental and big, arena-sized chorus that will serve many a playlist well, especially during the sunnier months. It's a windows down, top-of-your-lungs sing-along kind of offering that soundtracks summer road trips with close friends in a wholly memorable way. But, despite its upbeat disposition, the lyrics touch on themes that are a little more on the somber side.

“I have always felt like there are two people inside of me that constantly switch around -- whether it be the introvert or the extrovert taking control," explains vocalist Chase Johnson. "This conflict only really became more apparent to me once I hit 25, and then, bam, it was uncontrollable and could switch at the drop of a hat. 'Hi Lo' speaks of that struggle not only for myself but for others and how it affects the interactions between people you meet or already know.”

Listen to the premiere of "Hi Lo" here!